Karate in Bramley

May 29, 2020 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Weekly on Friday for 6 occurrences
Bramley Village Hall
Hall Rd
Guildford GU5 0AX
kelvin Bossman01483 303649E-mail

6 weeks plan:

  • General knowledge about Karate (history, purpose, methodology)
  • Physical training with use of Karate techniques from Kata (form) called Pina Kata
  • Partner work with Pinan Kata as a form of self-protection
  • Training with equipment (pads, shields mitts)
  • General awareness from self-protection point of via ( traffic signal danger assessment,  danger avoidance, use of the fence and verbal skills, de-escalation)

Overall benefits of Karate training for students, improved cardio-vascular fitness, reduction of stress and improvement of self-esteem.  I hope that through these sessions we will improve their general awareness of possible dangers. Use of hitting equipment like pads and mitts should help with release of stress through controlled aggression. We hope to build self-esteem through controlled failure, and overcoming the obstacle.