Mindful Meditation

October 3, 2019 @ 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
Weekly on Thursday for 12 occurrences

Come and join our 12 mindful meditation course. Each week you will learn a new meditation to find out which works for you.

Contact Client Services if you are interested in joining.

Week 1: Introduction to meditation and it’s benefits, Pranayama exercise and guided body scan meditation.

Week 2: Yoga Nidra (guiding into Yogic Sleep state)

Week 3: Nada Yoga (meditation on sound)

Week 4: A Pratyahara Meditation (turning our senses inwards) – eg Pulse Meditation

Week 5: Trataka Meditation (single pointed focus)

Week 6: Chakra Meditation

Week 7: Osho Passive Meditation

Week 8: Osho Dynamic Meditation

Week 9: Flow Meditation – on riverside

Week 10: Reiki Meditation

Week 11: Nada Yoga Nidra

Week 12: the groups favourite meditation