Looking Beyond Christmas appeal

Look Beyond Christmas: donate to support those in need in the new year



Help support some of our most vulnerable clients by looking past Christmas this year

We are looking beyond the festive season to the colder, darker month of January; a time when all the Christmas cheer has worn off and many of our clients are left feeling tired and low.


This time of year can be particularly challenging for people suffering with depression and anxiety, and especially isolating for those who are living alone or without friends or family nearby.


Our goal is to provide clients with tools and support during a particularly difficult time of year. A donation of any size goes a long way. For example:


  • £10 could fund supplies for one of our weekly art classes led by a professional artist. This is one of many free activities available to clients in January, alongside Mindfulness, Yoga, Tai Chi, Football, Fitness and our Mental Health Support Group.


  • £30 could fund a weekly fitness class, led by an experienced certified personal trainer, to help encourage clients to stay active this winter.


  • £60 could fund weekly 1:1 emotional support meetings for a client throughout the month of January, with a supportive member of our team, whether this be in-person, online or over the phone.


  • £100 towards our counselling bursary could fund 10 weeks of BACP-accredited counselling sessions for two clients. 


  • £200 could fund our thriving choir, ‘Everyone,’ for the month of January. ‘Everyone’ is led by an experienced and inspirational choir leader, boosting wellbeing and reducing isolation through music.


As we move through Christmas and into the New Year, we are determined to ensure that we can continue providing mental health support for all who need it.


Our support and activities are there to give clients a reason to get up in the morning; to help increase confidence, reduce social isolation, and ultimately rebuild their lives with a stronger sense of wellbeing. It is our supporters who enable Oakleaf to do this.