As the nights get colder and the leaves begin to turn, here at Oakleaf we are looking towards winter and the impact the pandemic will have on our clients at Christmastime.


Many people live alone without family nearby, and every year we normally hold a client Christmas party to bring the Oakleaf family together and celebrate. This sense of community is so important, and of course this year we won’t be able to hold the party.


Instead, we are running a fundraising campaign to enable us to produce and personally deliver up to 300 Oakleaf Christmas Care Baskets for clients, which will include various Christmas treats such as mince pies, crackers, chutney, chocolate, cordial, and hot cocoa.

This is intended as a small gesture, a way to help those who are struggling to mark the festive season at a time of year which can be particularly challenging for people suffering depression, anxiety and isolation.


We hope these baskets show our clients that they are cared for and have not been forgotten this Christmas, even if we can’t hold our traditional celebration.


If you would like to sponsor one or more care baskets this year, please click the button below to make a donation, ensuring you include ‘Christmas care baskets‘ in your message.