Keeping Mental Health A Priority During Coronavirus: Part Four

4. Move as much as you can:

If you’re social distancing, you can still take daily walks, jogs or cycles, preferably in a leafy area – or try your hand at gardening to get some much-needed fresh air! Exposing yourself to natural light also does wonders for your mental health. While gyms are currently closed, the Coronavirus doesn’t have to be a reason to quit exercising. Fitness centres across the UK are streaming classes to help make at-home workouts more fun than doing 100 crunches on your carpet. Whether you’re looking for yoga, strength training, HIIT, or dance routines, there are plenty of online resources that have you covered. But if you want to take the time off to rest, that’s also fine too. Listen to your body.

Corepower Yoga:

Psycle London:


Joe Wicks (HIIT):