Keeping Mental Health A Priority During Coronavirus: Part One

As cases of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) continue to rise in the UK, we will all be self-isolating and social-distancing for some length of time. This means fewer face-to-face connections and more time being alone. It is normal to feel anxious, fearful, panicked, frustrated or bored, and if you’re worried about the effect it will have on your mental health, you are not alone. So, how do we best deal with the realities of not leaving home during a crisis? Here, we have provided some top tips and resources for looking after your wellbeing during this difficult time.

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1. Limit your news intake and be careful what you read:

While it is natural to worry about the news, your family, your friends and even yourself, be mindful that panic and fear can worsen anxiety.  There is a lot of information available to us, and it can be tempting to constantly check the news during times like this as it gives us the illusion of action or control. But if you notice this having a negative impact on your mental health, try to ration your worry time by scheduling a specific time of the day to check up on everything. The news is constantly changing so it is important to focus on the facts – rely on health and public officials as well as sources from credible outlets, and plan accordingly.

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