Services for Customers

An absolutely central part of what Oakleaf does for people with mental illnesses (its clients), is the provision of vocational training and therapeutic activities. To make these as realistic and fulfilling as possible, each area has developed to provide services to the public and to organisations (its customers).

The services provided for Oakleaf’s customers include upholstery and furniture repairs; garden maintenance; printing; packing and fulfilment. These services form a critical part of the support and training that Oakleaf provides for its clients.

Beat the stigma by providing Opportunities. 

Why use our services? 

  • You will receive a high quality service at a competitive price;
  • You will be helping us to personally support individuals with mental illnesses by enabling them to gain:

1. valuable work experience;

2. a qualification that will increase their chances of finding a job;

3. the opportunity to re-build their self-confidence and hopefully enable them to provide for themselves and their families.

You will also be providing a vital contribution towards the costs of the services that we provide for our clients.

“I am so pleased to have chosen Oakleaf to reupholster my furniture. The service was flawless and I will be recommending you to my friends and family.” – Dr. Harriet Hall


“What a relief, to have Oakleaf, Acorns may fall, not on my garden, no not at all.” – R. Green