Fundraising & Giving

Oakleaf exists to provide support and vocational training to those with mental illnesses, enabling them to stay well and live in the community and/or helping them back into employment. There is no quick fix with mental illness. It takes time and significant resources to  help someone who, as a result of their condition, is unable to cope with the activities of daily living, is isolated and in despair, to being able to look after themself properly, take part in social activities, be an active member of their community and hold down a job.

Currently, it costs £490,000 to provide all Oakleaf’s services, of which less than 6% will come from regular statutory income. The rest (nearly £400,000) has to come from fundraising activities such as applications to the Big Lottery, trusts, companies, community groups and individuals; income from customer services; awards for special projects; and organising events and activities. For a small charity, raising this money is a huge task and a significant burden on its resources.

You can support our work in a variety of ways:

  • By making a monetary donation
  • By donating time, services or products
  • By organising or taking part in a fundraising event/activity for us
  • By supporting our activities or events
  • By becoming a corporate or community partner

We will be hugely appreciative whichever way you decide to support us and if there is anything we can do or any information that you need please let us know by contacting us.