Other Ways to Support Us

Wills and Legacies

Has Oakleaf been a real support to you or your family?

Do you value the work Oakleaf is doing in our local community?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to either of these questions, could you consider making a gift to Oakleaf in your will?  Such a gift will help us continue to carry out our important work for many years to come.

Many well-known, national charities receive a high percentage of their income through legacies, or ‘gifts’ in the wills of their supporters.  For example, in the year 2008-9, Cancer Research UK received £156.7 million from legacies, whilst the RSPCA received £65.8 million.

These large charities do hugely important work, yet many smaller charities such as Oakleaf, delivering equally vital work at a local level, can be forgotten when people think about writing their will.

If asking a solicitor to write your will, (or even to update an existing one), is something you are thinking about this year, maybe you could consider including a gift to Oakleaf?  Of course, we would always urge you to make provision for your family and loved ones first, but if you feel you would also like to make a gift to charity, one to Oakleaf would make a huge difference to our work and help us to continue to support hundreds more local people to work through mental illness.


Do you use eBay? If so, why not donate a percentage of the sale of your item to Oakleaf! Not only will you get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve donated to charity, but eBay will waive that percentage of your insertion fee. Click here for more information. You can also use this link to check items we are selling on eBay.

Easy Fundraising

Do you buy many products from companies such as Amazon and Boots? Visit our Easyfundraising page each time you buy something, Oakleaf will receive a percentage of what you spend! Who said there was no such thing as effortless, free fundraising?

Guildford Community Lottery

For just £1 a week, less than the price of a coffee, you can help support Oakleaf and maybe even win up to £2500!
To sign up visit https://www.guildfordlottery.org/support/oakleaf-enterprise