Milford Golf Club presented Oakleaf with a generous cheque of £19100 !

Oakleaf Enterprise was nominated the charity of the year 2017 for Milford Golf Club. The captains were Carl Jensen and Angela Wainwright who worked tirelessly throughout the year together with the club members to raise much needed funds for Oakleaf Enterprise. There were a number of charity events throughout the year. The most notable one was the Charity golf day in August which raised the bulk of the funds with the help and support of many members and their friends. Other events included the Dawn to Dusk challenge with a number of people fitting in four rounds of golf in a day.

The handing over of the cheque also coincided with the changing of captaincy for the New Year 2018. As a local charity this donation is a significant one, allowing us to continue offering our services and support to those with mental illness in the community.