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Our Wellbeing Courses are designed to build confidence, physical health, and wellbeing whilst reducing isolation and loneliness. We offer a wide range of courses which cater to individuals’ different interests and abilities, including:

Physical Activities



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Anxiety Management

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Please note that activities change on a regular basis, and run termly or over a fixed period of weeks. Some sessions are operated on a drop-in basis. Please contact Client Services to gain information on what is currently available.


Oakleaf has developed its own upholstery course, which comes under our wide range of free wellbeing activities. The course is overseen by our Upholstery trainer.

Clients work towards an initial 6-week introductory course which involves:


– An introduction to upholstery tools, their uses and handling.

– Refurbishing a dining room chair – from stripping back to the original frame to rebuilding the seat using the traditional upholstery method of hammer and tacks.


For clients who have enjoyed the introduction and wish to further their skills, they can progress to an 18-week course comprising of :


– Scatter cushion project – perfecting sewing machine skills

– Sprung, stitched and stuffed dining chair project


Throughout the upholstery process, clients will produce photographs and paperwork to document each stage of their project, including: dimension sketches, design brief, action planning, cutting plan and costings.


These courses provide a therapeutic practice and hands-on skills. They encourage care and attention to detail, timekeeping, problem solving and the ability to fulfil a brief.

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