Referral Form

We aim to contact new referrals within 14 working days of receiving the form. Once your referral has been received and processed, we will attempt to make contact via a phone call to arrange an initial assessment, where we will also discuss all the services we offer that can help support you through your time at Oakleaf. If we are unable to make contact via a phone call we will then move onto attempting to contact you through methods such as email and post.


To make a referral, please choose from one of the forms below:



Self Referral Form



Practitioner / Other Referral Form



Please be aware that we can only support individuals with a low-medium risk. In any circumstance where a risk assessment is required this will slow down the on boarding process slightly. If you wish to discuss the referral process with a member of Oakleaf staff, please either call us on 01483 303649 or alternately email