We have several voluntary opportunities for clients to take part in, to help increase confidence and wellbeing.

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Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

Our coffee shop is run by volunteers and is an essential part of our offering to clients. Selling tea, coffees, chocolate bars and sandwiches. It is a great opportunity to improve confidence in communicating with others whilst getting hands on experience in a coffee shop environment.

IT Support

Volunteering in our IT department is a great way to improve work-related skills by offering one-to-one support to others. We are always looking for people who can sit with new clients and go through the IT course, as well as those who feel comfortable explaining essential skills on how to use a computer.

IT Support
Gardening Matenence


Our Gardening team is always looking for experienced volunteers to help support their busy gardening schedule. Before becoming a volunteer, clients are encouraged to complete the 12-week course to gain all the vital skills and health and safety training required to garden with the team.


Our reception area is a great opportunity to get some hands-on experience for those hoping to work in an office environment. Clients gain experience on the phones whilst being the face of Oakleaf to welcome visitors. This role is also fantastic for increasing confidence, using Outlook and communicating with a variety of different people.

Marketing Events

Fundraising Events

We have many fundraising events throughout the year which clients are welcome to be involved with. Anything from bucket collecting to helping at fun runs and quiz nights! Clients have access to opportunities to give back whilst showing the community our work.

Wellbeing Activities & Courses

Any client with an idea for a new activity or a skill that they wish to share are encouraged to reach out to Client Services. Several of our activities have been led by former clients who feel ready to take on the challenge and help others on their journey. Throughout this process clients’ receive the full support of the Client Services Team to develop skills and confidence in a safe environment.

Wellbeing Activities

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