NEWS: New partnership with C&C Group

NEWS: New partnership with C&C Group

March 2021

We are delighted to announce a new corporate partnership between Surrey/Tyne & Wear-based C&C Group and Oakleaf. C&C Group provide market leading software solutions and products in the cloud to national UK critical infrastructure companies operating in the electricity, gas, water and the pharmaceutical sectors. 

Through the partnership, C&C Group will help fund essential aspects of mental health and wellbeing support at Oakleaf over the next year, and we look forward to working together for better mental health in Surrey. A huge thank you to C&C Group for your support!

Matt Hartley, CEO

“At the beginning of 2021, staff and management at C&C Group wanted more than ever to contribute back to society and particularly help those that have and are suffering with mental health. We were introduced to Jen at Oakleaf through our network and were immediately struck by the passion of the Oakleaf team and how they are helping so many people in clever and innovative ways. Within a week we deposited a cash contribution that will provide immediate help whilst we look forward to developing a partnership that will help out Oakleaf, its clients and the local Surrey community in lots of different ways.” – Matt Hartley, CEO of C&C Group

C&C Group’s donation will be funding fund vital mental health and wellbeing support for hundreds of individuals over the coming months, both virtually and face-to-face. We are currently supporting over 375 individuals (clients) at Oakleaf, and have seen an influx in new referrals since the start of the pandemic. C&C Group’s donation and wider partnership will help enormously, ensuring provision of numerous forms of support at a time when rates of loneliness and poor mental health are high.

Supporting the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of Oakleaf clients

C&C Group CEO Matt Hartley and HR Manager Danni Isted visit Oakleaf

C&C Group will help fund a robust programme of support for individuals struggling with mental ill-health, including wellbeing activities, work-related training courses, workshops, support groups, one-to-one emotional support and counselling.  Thanks to generous supporters including C&C Group we continue to increase the variety of our wellbeing activities, and we currently offer between three to five options daily. Some of our recent activities include: Mindfulness, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Fitness, Anxiety Management, Craft and Chat Workshops, Choir, 1:1 coaching, Drama workshops, our Kickstart Wellbeing Course, a Mental Health Support Group, Youth Support Group, Wildlife Photography and many more. View an up-to-date calendar of wellbeing activities here.

As we move into Spring and Covid-19 restrictions start to ease, we are looking forward to re-opening Oakleaf HQ with safety procedures in place, welcoming back our clients and re-introducing the wide range of face-to-face activities and work-related training we have to offer in addition to maintaining our virtual support.

Promoting good mental health and raising awareness

C&C Group team meeting, summer 2020

In addition to financial support, Oakleaf and C&C Group will be working together to raise awareness of mental health, both within C&C Group and in the wider Surrey community. As restrictions ease, we look forward to welcoming C&C Group staff to Oakleaf, holding talks and awareness sessions, and working together on future projects whether through events, volunteering, fundraising or promotion. 

By encouraging conversations on mental health and wellbeing, we can ensure more people know it is okay not to be okay- and that help is always available. A huge thank you again to C&C Group; we are incredibly grateful for your generous support of Oakleaf and mental health.

To learn more about the services C&C Group have to offer, please visit: 

For more information on partnering with Oakleaf, click here.

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