Julian’s Story

Julian’s Story

At Oakleaf, we are committed to providing vital mental health and wellbeing support for our clients. Julian’s story is a powerful example of the impact our services can have. After moving to Guildford and facing mental health challenges, Julian found a community and support system at Oakleaf that has been instrumental in his journey.

Julian has been a dedicated client at Oakleaf for around 11 years, having first joined after moving to Guildford and courageously navigating the ups and downs of his mental illness for some time.

During this time, he has immersed himself in a variety of activities, offered via our wellbeing programme which is available to all clients. He has been a member of the Oakleaf football team, known as the ‘Mighty Oaks’, where he finds friendships and an opportunity to improve his fitness. Music based wellbeing activities have also been an interest, however, his true passion lies in engaging in our various art therapies, in particular painting with watercolours, something he continues to explore in the comfort of his own home. Engaging in art in this way gives him time to forget his worries, be creative and feel a real sense of achievement – he goes on to describe himself as ‘a poet who enjoys writing, philosophy and mythology’. 

Julian expressed that at Oakleaf ‘everyone who attends struggles with something, but we are all so different and have different needs. The activities on offer are really varied, ensuring everyone can find something to take part in and enjoy, whilst working on managing mental illnesses’.

Recently, Julian has taken an active role in Oakleaf’s gardening for wellbeing project. He loves how the gardening work keeps him physically fit and provides invaluable opportunities to socialise with likeminded clients, as well as the dedicated team leaders. Being outdoors in the garden has a profound impact on his mental health, as he sees the greenery as “another room” in which to find peace and relaxation. Working with the plants and soil transports him to another place, where he can temporarily leave his worries and anxieties behind, as he imagines himself “digging for treasure.”

Without Oakleaf, Julian says ‘things would be awful.’ He is deeply grateful for the Gardening Team, who he describes as ‘a bunch of really amazing people’ who understand him and continue to provide him with invaluable support that has been transformative in his journey towards better mental health.

Julian’s story highlights the importance of community and tailored support in managing mental health. Oakleaf is always striving to offer diverse and meaningful activities that help individuals find solace, build connections, and improve their wellbeing. We are proud to be part of Julian’s journey and are committed to supporting all our clients in their pursuit of better mental health. If you or someone you know is facing mental health challenges, remember that you are not alone. Oakleaf is here to help.

For more information about Oakleaf and our services, or if you or someone you know is struggling, please vist: www.oakleaf-enterprise.org/i-need-help/

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