NEWS: Oakleaf’s 25th Anniversary

NEWS: Oakleaf’s 25th Anniversary

We are extremely proud to announce that this year is Oakleaf’s 25th Anniversary!

For over a quarter of a century we have been working tirelessly to support adults, aged 16-67, who are struggling with their mental health in Surrey.

We help clients overcome huge barriers and work with them to rebuild their futures by providing three main pillars of support: work-related training, counselling services and wellbeing activities, which empower them to participate as active members of society.

Following the Care in the Community Act 1990, an occupational therapy unit at the old local Victorian asylum, Brookwood Hospital, closed and relocated to Guildford.


It became a registered charity: ‘Oakleaf Enterprise’ on 22 September 1997 and has been helping the community manage its mental ill-health ever since. Over the last 25 years, Oakleaf’s services and support has grown monumentally; having started with just 40 clients, the charity now supports over 800 people each year.

As a result of the pandemic, in 2020 Oakleaf moved to a blended model of delivery, providing support both in-person and online. In 2021 we began a ‘Pathways to Work’ employment project for clients, helping them to secure the skills, confidence and training needed to return to the workplace; we created a brand-new social enterprise ‘Oakleaf At Home’; and we launched a Young Adult Safe Haven – as well as continuing our work-related training, wellbeing activities and counselling services.

Chief Executive, Clive Stone pictured with Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex during his visit to Oakleaf in 2018

“Having had the honour of leading Oakleaf since its inception as a charity I am delighted and proud of the enormous amount of hard work and dedication my staff team give to supporting Oakleaf clients.

“Over the years I am aware of the significant positive impact we have been able to give to so many individuals and it is always an honour to see a client’s confidence and self-worth develop as they progress through Oakleaf, moving onto employment, further education or perhaps of equal importance staying well and out of hospital.”

– Clive Stone, Chief Executive


Now we are looking forward to what 2022 has to bring and would be delighted to include you in our celebrations!

In our 25th anniversary year we will be generating even more awareness for the work we do and we will make sure our supporters are kept up to date on a number of fantastic events we will be holding to mark our 25th Anniversary throughout the year, including our in-person 25th Anniversary Quiz Night, Charity Gala and Client BBQ celebration.

To all those who have shown their support over the last 25 years and to those who continue to do so – thank you. It really does make all the difference.

From, the entire Oakleaf team



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